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Section R. Bettazzi comes as part of the teaching team of the organizers of Mathematics Stage. Faced with an increasingly complex economic for number of pupils participating organization and the number of participating schools with the Secretariats of the schools they could no longer cope with the workload, even harnessed recently bureaucracy suited to implement new instances. In 2002, at the proposal of Prof. F. Arzarello and with full support of the President prof. F. Pastrone has glimpsed the possibility of supporting the Association Subalpina Mathesis the initiative of the Stage as well as the curriculum (as it already happened in the early years) also in economic terms. To simplify management it was decided to establish a new section and it seemed natural to call it by the name of the first Founder of Mathesis Rodolfo Bettazzi. In fact the intent of prof. Bettazzi with the establishment of Mathesis was to try to intervene on the teaching of mathematics teachers forming sensitive to educational issues through collaboration with the University. The organization of the Stage is based on a work of renovation of a large group of teachers (around 120 in the province of Turin, Cuneo, Alessandria and in the latest edition also from Chieti) and through monthly meetings, from September to collaborate decide the content, prepare working files, set up concrete materials, select games or problems for the conduct of the Stage, which usually takes place in the last weeks of the school year. All this in close collaboration with the University that provides advice on the contents, new resources of undergraduates and recent graduates, opening of new themes.

Echoing words spoken by prof. R.Bettazzi:

“Of course, to make it alive and attractive teaching mathematics, first you have to love this science; and not for bread (very poor) who has given us but to the fascination exerted on us, and for his great, but too unknown moral and educational value. “(Rodolfo Bettazzi, 1895)

Also for viewing on the teaching of mathematics it seemed particularly appropriate the name given to the section: it is undeniable that among those who participate in the Stage, teachers or students, is the pearl of great passion Matematica and also the remarkable work done by the teachers every year, then find a corresponding work done by the students, definitely shows the great moral and educational value of mathematics itself.