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The Association for Subalpina Mathesis is partner of System Science Piedmont, an agreement promoted by the Compagnia di San Paolo and signed by the main Turin entities that deal with the dissemination of scientific culture. main objective of the Piedmont System Science is the coordination and harmonization of popular science activities on the territory of Turin and Piedmont in order to propose, within the social and cultural life of the territory, an organized set of dissemination of scientific knowledge initiatives and technology.

The Association Subalpina Mathesis of Turin is a free association of teachers of mathematics of the University and the Polytechnic University of Turin, the middle schools and high schools in Piedmont. The Association, with the name of Mathesis Association, was founded in 1895-96 in Rome by Prof. Bettazzi, teacher at Liceo Cavour of Turin, with teaching positions at the Universities of Pisa and Turin, with the support of 113 members . And ‘later it became the Mathesis National Society, from which the Turin section, assuming the name Subalpina Mathesis Association of Turin, was subsequently separated, becoming independent from an organizational and financial standpoint, while maintaining close cultural and cooperation ties.

The activity is to address coordination among the teachers and students of mathematics, in order to promote good quality of mathematics education and to improve and maintain a high professional level of mathematics teachers. Therefore you will have to develop an action of promotional type in the field of teaching mathematics, under the Statute, but not restricted to simple techniques of mathematics education issues, but aims to make the link between the university Mathesis mathematical world, including that of most advanced research, and all those involved in teaching activities in this field. It helps to maintain the high educational level, in every type of school, if you are aware of the trends and current developments in the discipline. The ambition is to create a point of reference and contact between the various “players” in mathematics, if only for the dissemination of news and information on the activities at the Department of Mathematics of the University of Turin.

The essential conditions to realize a program of this type are three:

  1. the ability of inventive and implementation of projects by the Board of Directors, who shall undertake as a whole;
  2. participation, with presence at the initiatives taken, proposals, requests, criticisms and any other useful contributions, by all members;
  3. the financial capacity: last but crucial condition for the functioning of any organization.

The Association S. Mathesis organizes refresher courses for teachers in primary, secondary and high schools recognized by the Authority of Torino studies courses that are required for free who is not a shareholder. Enrollments are collected at the end of the conferences and seminars; at the beginning and end of each match we are collected signatures to participate. The meetings are held at the premises of the Department of Mathematics, University of Turin, Via Carlo Alberto 8 -10, usually on Thursdays, at 17.

The current Board of Directors consists of:

  • President: Cristina Sabena
  • Honorary president: Franco Pastrone
  • Vice President: Pier Luigi Pezzini
  • Secretary: Marco Oggero
  • Treasurer: Cristina Sabena
  • Executive commission: Francesca Ferrara, Elisa Gallo, Livia Giacardi, Erika Luciano, Silvana Mosca, Marco Oggero, Lorenzo Orio, Franco Pastrone, Pier Luigi Pezzini, Ornella Robutti, Silvia Roero, Cristina Sabena, Micaela Salaris Bava
  • Auditors: Francesco La Rosa, Ferdinando Arzarello
  • Co-opted members: Ferdinando Arzarello