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Festival of Mathematics

It is an activity that is part of the National Mathematics Olympics and has as protagonists the schools participating in the project, but is open to all citizens.

For several years, the individual competition of the Mathematics Olympics is a competition was joined Team between institutions, organized by the Department of Mathematics, University of Genoa, which provides for a provincial competition in the spring followed by the national competition in May, to coincide the individual competition. The central organization, however, is concerned solely with the national phase of the team competition, entrusting the organization and management of the provincial competition to local bodies. Since 2007 our association, in collaboration with the provincial committee of the Mathematics Olympics, is willing to organize the team competition, recognizing in it an initiative entirely consistent with the objectives of our association and able to offer students the our province a further opportunity to grapple with the most creative aspects of the discipline. In order to disseminate and promote the interest in mathematics, it was thought, as in the past, to participate in the event all the people who want it (students and citizens), supporting the Olympic race, destined to an official delegation of each school, a team competition open to all (public match). With these objectives, the race has been inserted in a day dedicated to mathematics, which was held in the Lingotto area and saw, in addition to the competitions, even an initial moment of the entire project presentation, a conference, a show and a visit to an exhibition. In recent years the “Festival” has been able to speak to the people interested in mathematics, finding the right balance between “science” and “disciplinary skills” and offering a variety of initiatives in which everyone has found “bread for their teeth” : from high-level competition in the race between institutions to the more affordable of the public tender, as proposed by cultural lectures to the more entertaining as the shows. The initiative festive atmosphere allows, inter alia, to mitigate the “competitiveness between schools”, which also is very tight and has allowed in the past to obtain excellent performance. This year the number of participants is further increased compared to last year. The number of official teams remained unchanged while it grew the number of teams for the race of the public, with excellent results. In fact, given the high scores achieved, they have been convened in Cesenatico, for the national stage, no less than 4 teams in our province. The composition of the teams of the public was very varied. It saw the participation of former Olympians become university students, young maths lovers who now work, teams composed entirely of other teachers from school students who were not selected for the competition between institutions. Particularly important for the success of the event were the spaces offered by 8Gallery Lingotto. It is a variety of large spaces and particularly suited to the plurality of initiatives that characterize the party and to host for a day more than 1200 people. In fact on the spiral ramp you can accommodate 30 teams who dispute in absolute tranquility the official competition between institutions, while at the same time, in the court of the catering, the race takes place in joy of the public, in the interest of passers-by. The lobby of the spiral ramp, and the courts of catering and / or games lend themselves to hosting exhibitions and exhibit of schools while at the same time in a room Pathè take place in the conference and the show. I also boys, with their teachers, during the lunch interval disperse willingly in restaurants, bars and shops in the mall to find himself in the early afternoon for the races and the award ceremony.